At Brown's Arlington Honda, See What's Different Between Hybrid and Electric

Honda has always been ahead of the pack when innovating new technology for its fleet. With several hybrid versions of new Honda models, making green and clean driving around Washington D.C. and northern Virginia is easy. But soon, Honda will be adding electric components to its hybrid models, and perhaps one day, will present a full EV for traveling around Arlington and D.C. Visit our Arlington, VA Honda dealership today and see what this forward-thinking brand is planning for its hybrid and electric models.

While some models, like the new 2020 Honda Insight and 2019 Honda Clarity are sold as hybrid and electric vehicles, respectively, you can find specialized versions of other popular flagship vehicles found here in Arlington. With similar styling and the same features, the new 2020 Honda Accord offers a hybrid version that provides a boost in fuel efficiency, especially when navigating slow-moving traffic around the city streets of D.C. and Arlington.

For more electric-driven powertrains, an updated version of the new 2020 Honda CR-V will come as an electric hybrid, bringing a new form of clean and green energy out to the roads. As Honda hones its green car innovations, we invite you into our Arlington, VA dealership to learn about our currently available hybrid, plug-in hybrid and other efficient and eco-friendly cars, and see what this brand will do for a new fleet of EVs further down the road.

Whether you're a traditionalist who still appreciates burning fuel to get moving along, or if you're looking to the future at greener and environmentally friendlier cars, you can appreciate how a brand like Honda isn't waiting to catch up with the rest of the industry. Get a front-row seat to the action by talking shop with us here at Brown's Arlington Honda by making your way over today.

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